Multigraf Touchline serien

TOUCHLINE genarasjonen fra Multigraf tilbyr mer flekxibilitet og automatisering enn noen andre i denne klassen. TOUCHLINE står for effektivitet og automatisering av skjære, brette og perforering. TOUCHLINE er en "all-in one" maskin. Les mer om produktene og hvordan de kan kombineres her.

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The TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS is more than just a creasing machine. As part of a product family its use can be extended beyond simple creasing of paper and card. First of all it can be extended with additional perforating tools allowing selective perforation in both directions. Secondly, the C375 PLUS can be combined with the folding unit TF375 and thus enlarged to form a fully integrated creasing, perforating and folding machine. There are no manual setting procedures for the C375 PLUS model. The machine is equipped with the TOUCHLINE vacuum feeder with a capacity of 180 mm.
Via the touchscreen the creasing or perforating pressure is matched to the paper stock in use without any need for manual intervention. The creasing and perforating tools can be exchanged easily within just a few seconds. Paper stocks up to 400 gsm (creasing) and 300 gsm (perforating) can be processed.

The Touchline CF375 from Multigraf is an integrated creasing and folding system which units the two operations in one process. It handles paper stocks up to 400 gsm.

Multigraf Touchline C375 & CF375

Due to the interchangeable tools, the new Touchline CP375 MONO can be diverted from a creasing into a perforating machine or vice versa within no time. In conjunction with the online creasing and folding machine TCF375, the CP375 MONO will be able to produce even more complex jobs online: perforating, creasing and folding all in one operation.

An efficient creasing and perforating solution ideal for mid to high volume runs, the Touchline CP375 DUO is capable of performing up to 20 creases and 20 perforations simultaneously in a single run. Comes equipped with two creasing tools (male/female) and a cross perforating tool. An optional strike perforating tool can be added for increased versatility. (Se video)

Multigraf Touchline CP375 Mono / Duo

Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the Touchline CP375 DUO. And due to the interchangeable tools, the CP375 DUO can be diverted from a perforating into a creasing machine or vice versa within no time. In conjunction with the online creasing and folding machine Touchline TCF375 (TF375 without creasing), the CP375 DUO will be able to produce even more complex jobs online; stop perforation in both directions, creasing and folding all in one operation.  (Se video)

Multigraf Touchline CP375 DUO + TCF375

The Touchline CPC375 is an extension of the Touchline family. The CPC375 is a powerful cutting, creasing and perforating system capable of cutting an creasing paper weights of 80 to 400 gsm and of perforating material thicknesses of up to 300 gsm.

Lengthways and crossways cutting, professional crossways creasing (positive and negative) and perforation (time perforation or continuous) in a lengthways or crossways direction – the principal functions of the Touchline CPC375. A patented changeover unit allows for quick and easy tool changes without the need for auxiliary tools. Tools are detected electronically, the working depth is selected on the touch screen and the system then adjusts fully automatically. (Se video)

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