Neopost samarbeider med Powis Parker, Duplo International, Renz og Albyco for å levere det beste av profesjonelt innbindingsutstyr. Vi har løsninger som kan tilpasses de fleste behov.  Her presenterer vi et lite utvalg.  Har dere spørsmål eller tanker om å oppgradere maskinparken for å øke kvaliteten og bedre lønnsomheten må dere gjerne ta kontakt med oss.  Vi hjelper dere gjerne med å finne den beste løsningen.

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FastBack® 20

One Touch Function
Quick and easy. Just press the green button and the machine binds the book for you in 13-20 seconds, up to 350 sheets.

Image Blank™
With the Image Blank, you can print graphics and text onto the strip directly from an inkjet printer. This means each of your bound documents can have a completely unique look and personalized messaging. You can print only what you need, when you need it.

Document Binding

We rewrote the book on binding. The Fastback 20 uses a revolutionary thermal adhesive bind to create strong, beautiful tape binding. Now you can put together bound books and documents in seconds, for pocket change.

Perfectback™ Binding
Let's say you want to create just a few paperback books. You'd have to send your job to a bindery with expensive equipment and a large glue vat. With our tabletop Fastback® 20, Scorer and Perfectback® strips, you can bind multiple short runs yourself, with no set up. Make perfectback books with ease and speed.

Image Strip™
An Image Strip is a Powis thermal binding strip that has an image printed on it. This image can consist of photographs, vector art, and/or various color specifications. The Powis Image Strip represents a new level of binding customization. Now every document you bind can promote your brand, enhance your image , and ensure that each prospectus, manual, proposal or report that you produce is a cut above the competition. People will notice.

Hardcover Presentations
Our Fastback Hardcover line is available in a variety of materIals and colors with matching Foilfast Title Sheets for applying foil-printed artwork to your covers and spines. Endleaves are added for an even more polished finish.

ImageBack™ Hardcover
The Powis ImageBack™ Hardcovers and ImageBack™ Liners come with the adhesive already applied, so you never have to worry about messy glue application, leakage, glue build-up, or cleaning. Powis has done the complicated part of book assembly for you, so all you have to do is add your printed cover sheet. Use with the ImageBack Liners, and you can assemble books using the Fastback Hardcover Guide.  (Read more)


Ring wire binding is recognised as a smart, secure, up-market presentation favoured by professionals. Used for majority of calendar production. 360 degree page turn allowing document to be opened completely flat or folded back on itself. Pages remain in perfect registration when turned. 

Renz ECL 360 (Vi leverer også Renz ECL 500 & Renz ECL 700)

Electric RENZ RING WIRE® closing machines, no effort required. A user-friendly solution to wire bind all your products quickly and easily, available in 360 mm.

  • Quick size adjustment for fast wire diameter set up
  • Integrated ring wire hanging device for comfortable working
  • Binds up to 340 sheets
  • Fast and consistent bind cycle from the first to the last document every time
  • Binds the largest diameter 1 1/2“ (38 mm) RENZ RING WIRE®
  • Automatic protection safety switch
  • Parallel adjustment guarantees a perfect bind every time


Renz DTP 340 M     (Vi leverer også Renz DTP 340 A)

Reliable, heavy-duty, desktop punching machine. The modular design makes it very versatile for all types of book and calendar production.

  • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars.
  • Punch a wide range of mixed stocks
  • Fast die changes
  • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats: A5, A4 and A3(1)
  • Vertical paper feeding for precise punching
  • Compact simple design, one machine can punch and bind all jobs when using Renz MBS binding modules


Once finished, the book can be open and used within minutes - that's the simple advantage of EVA glue. With glue technologies progressing quickly, EVA type glues are now a truly viable alternative to other expensive, longer drying glues.  The ability to hold a page in the book even when the book is laid flat or the spine is bent backwards are advantages that traditional EVA glues cannot offer. However, PUR binders have a reputation for being messy, difficult to clean and some might say, a health hazard. The PUR binders from Duplo prove these rumours wrong. The Duplo closed tank systems keep the glue contained and take just 5 minutes to clean after each shift.


Duplo DB-290 & Duplo DB-500

The key factors in perfect binding are ease of use through automation and flexible options such as EVA and PUR binding glues. The Duplo range of perfect binders, including the PFi Bind, meets these requirements, while catering for everything from table top to high cycle demands. 

The user-friendly DB-290 perfect binder brings you automatic professional perfect binding to your desktop. The compact DB-290 Hotmelt Perfect Binder is the ideal solution for short-run, on-demand digital print applications, for lager and mor demanding jobs you will truly get your money's worth with the fast and supremely well-engineered DuBINDER DBP-500 machine. It is fully automatic and has a single clamp design, giving a cycling speed of 525 books per hour. A highly cost-efficient binder.  (Read more)


PFi BIND 2000 & PFi BIND 6000 

The PFi BIND 2000 helps digital printers to grow their business, produce high value jobs, be more productive, reduce their costs and keep their customers very happy! It is the world's smallest closed tank PUR system, meaning there are no fumes in the factory and no need to buy a pre-melter. The PFi BIND 2000 produces a superbly strong bind with little waste.  For more advanced use and automation we have the PFi BIND 6000 PUR binder which is a unique binder equipped with in-line scoring and cover feeding which uses PUR glue only. This is the perfect solution for a printer with litho and digital presses who wants to do low to high volume production runs.  (Read more)



Industrial, high-speed, fully-automatic production RENZ RING WIRE® binding line for books, calendars and skip binding.

  • For all types of ring wire, skip binding & calendars
  • Simple & fast automatic on-screen machine setup
  • Touch screen assisted set-up process
  • Easy product loading
  • Optional extra:
    • Job memory, storage of up to 50 jobs
    • KAS calendar hanger systems
    • Integrated cover page lifting device