Direct Marketing

Quickly and accurately collate many different printed items into a single unaddressed direct mail pack with a wraparound cover, using Duplo’s automated direct marketing systems. Our Printed Media distribution systems are affordable, enabling you to be flexible in your approach to distributing unaddressed mail, both centralised and decentralised, local and national.

Instead of slow turnaround and sorting errors from hand collation of advertising materials such as leaflets, brochures and reply-paid postcards, offer 100% set integrity and an automated service with the Duplo Esper DM-230V Pro - a unique system that quickly and reliably collates printed advertising together within a wraparound cover, ready for distribution. Suitable also for decentralising and as a complement to a larger system for short runs.

Esper DM-230V Pro Collator

The DM Mini Collation System is the ideal next step for businesses who are collating by hand today and wish to offer their customers 100% set integrity and a more professional and automated service; or for businesses who want to decentralise their production infrastructure to move closer to the point of delivery. 

The DM Mini Collation System can also complement existing larger automated systems, by handling a wider range of document formats & offering higher short run productivity.

Designed to deliver continuous automatic in-line labelling, stacking and banding of unaddressed mail sets, ready for distribution to households. Simple to use, it is run from a simple and centrally located PC by just 1-3 operators.

DM-Mini Collation System